Week 1

Ckemi everyone! Man, this first week at the MTC has just been
wonderful. I’m growing and changing and expanding in ways I never
expected. It’s super stressful, busy, crazy, wonderful, spiritual, and
so much more. My companion has been great, especially as he (Elder
Nielsen) helped me through losing, freaking out about, and finally
finding (such a miracle) my passport and debit cards. The language is
so hard, but I can pray and bear testimony, and I taught my first
investigator Friday (he spoke ZERO English and we couldn’t have
notes). The Gift of Tongues is so real, and I have been so very
blessed. I’ve been assigned to be my Districts first District Leader,
which is stressful and hard, but I’m so happy to have this opportunity
to serve them. I love my District so much. Even though I’m the only
Elder that isn’t straight out of high school, they are all spiritually and
mentally mature and ready to serve. I know of a surety of the truth of
the Gospel I will be preaching, and that I have been called by a
Prophet of God to be here. Any of you considering to serve a mission,
DO IT. I have been here five days, and it has already changed my life.
I love all of you.

Elder Xhrejper (How my name will be spelled in Albania)


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