Week 3

Hey everyone!

As time goes on here, I have less to report because each week’s schedule is exactly the same as the last, but everything is still so wonderful! Tuesday night we had our weekly devotional, and the speaker was Neil L. Anderson, an Apostle of the Lord! It was also his birthday, so we got to sing happy birthday to an Apostle, which is pretty awesome. It was a very special experience to be united with the approximately 3,000 missionaries as we heard from him. The rest of the week went by without anything super special, but being here is wonderful every day. Our main Albanian teacher is now acting as our investigator, and there are miracles to be seen in every lesson we teach to her. We’ve been learning this language that is a DIFFICULT language, and which we had no previous exposure to for two and a half weeks. And in that very short period of time, we have come to the point that we can coherently communicate with someone using no English, and that we can teach lessons and answer questions about the most important doctrines of our belief. I can’t deny the miracle in that, because I know that that is not something that I could ever do on my own. I don’t think that that is a feat anyone could accomplish on their own. I know that we are being blessed daily with strength and ability and the Gift of Tongues through the Spirit of God and the Atonement of Christ.
This next Wednesday, our District get’s the privilege of hosting new incoming missionaries, which is super exciting!! It’s so cool every week to see these new young men and women that are so ready to serve their Lord and King. The Gospel is becoming more and more important to me every single day. The truth, hope, and peace brings, ties everything in my life together, and makes my life so much more than it could ever be without Him. I am so grateful for this opportunity that I have to serve God, and to share the truths that have blessed my life so much with my brothers and sisters in Albania. I love all of you, and hope that everything in each of your lives is going well, and I invite you to just take a second today to pause and talk to your Father in Heaven through prayer. I know He loves to hear from you.
Elder Draper

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